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Nicole Newman, Social Entrepreneur



Brian Martin, Founder, TEST Football Academy


“Isiejah knows what it takes to take things to the next level. He is always willing to go the extra mile to improve himself and those around him. His leadership is contagious and he is always high energy, yet focused.”

Clay Nurse, NFL


​"Getting ready for the NFL, you need a team to help you prepare mentally, physically and spiritually. Isiejah encompasses all of that in one dynamic, enthusiastic, driven and motivated individual. He pushed me to take my body to another place by instilling the values of VGA to my core. He is in the upper echelon when it comes to preparing athletes. VGA for life."

Shawn Lemon, NFL


"Training with Isiejah was a huge success for me. It helped me with my quickness, strength, and muscle endurance, all of which transitioned to the field pretty fast. VGA played a big role."

Johnson Bademosi, NFL


"Isiejah is a fearless competitor. His effort is relentless, and his presence is hard to miss."

Nadiya Anderson, Reality TV Personality


​"Isiejah helped me go above and beyond my original expectations. My upper body strength improved tremendously, I was able to compete with and beat out male teams on the show.”

Chris Campbell, Pro Football



Marvin Johnson, Pro Football


"As teammates, Isiejah helped me improve my work ethic and reach new measures. He was more than a teammate he was also my trainer in a sense. I definitely learned a lot from Isiejah. Good coach, great athlete, better person."

Dimitri Lee, Jr., Coastal Carolina



Matt Whitstock, Bucknell University



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